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God knows all about making commitments too. From his promise in the Garden of Eden to crush the head of the serpent, to his promise to Noah never to flood the earth again, to his promise to Abram that he would become a great nation and a blessing to all people, to his promise to Moses that he would lead him to a land flowing with milk and honey, God has a history of making promises, of committing himself to do things. Only with God, promises go beyond simple “commitment” and into the sacred trust of Covenant. And God has made a covenant with you. When Jesus came, God promised to make atonement for sins, open the door of salvation to all people, and conquer the “last enemy,” death.

Now that Jesus has come and worked salvation for all people, God has chosen to make a covenant with you that what Jesus did has been applied to you for all eternity. When you were baptized, God said to you: “All that my son, Jesus, has accomplished and earned, I give to you. Forgiveness of sins, life and salvation are yours. I promise that nothing in all creation will separate you from me and my love; I will raise you up on the last day.” When you read the Scriptures and learn who Jesus is and what he has done, the Holy Spirit creates faith in you to trust that this is all for you; that Christ did not do what he did for some other people at some other time, but that he did all that he did for you. Not because you deserve salvation and the love of God, but precisely because you do not deserve it and could never earn it even over thousands of lifetimes.

God has made a Covenant with you. He has brought you into his family, forgiven you all of your sins, and given you the Holy Spirit that you would trust in him and make your life look increasingly like that of Jesus. Do you want to commit to this life of faith and fellowship with God through Jesus Christ? Do you want to give up living my life the way I want and live the way he wants? Do you want my wants and desires to be subservient to his? Is this a commitment you want to make? No. Sorry. That’s the wrong question. Is this a commitment you should make? Yes. Yes it is. Absolutely it is. As Paul wrote: “for me to live is Christ” (Philippians 1:21).

When reading about Church History, two undeniable facts emerge. First, every good thing to ever happen in the church happens because the Holy Spirit is at work in the lives of God’s people through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Second, the Holy Spirit has a habit of working in the lives of people who are firmly committed to their Lord. If history favors the brave, Church History favors the faithfully committed. At a time when living out the Christian faith increasingly sets one apart from culture; at a time when the darkness of the world grows darker, the light of Christ in the lives of his people shines brighter and brighter. Weigh the cost of commitment to Christ. And then deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow him.